Here are tips and tricks for a successful getaway to New York, Boston, Chicago or Washington.

1.    Be informed before you go

After spending time looking at the weather forecast, you can check out things to do when you get there. By shopping your activities, you will not only know your possibilities but you will save money. You can also plan where to eat with sites such as Opentable, TripAvisor and Zagat. By doing your research before hand, you will spend more time visiting than researching.


2.    Bring a backpack

While a backpack may not be as chique as a Louis Vutton shopping bag, it could be very useful to carry essential items. 

3.    Bring good shoes

Looking to wear high heel shoes, why not shop them at DSW or bring a pair in your backpack for a late diner. If you're planing on visiting, good shoes are absolutely necessary. You maybe following the Tourika guide, adventuring on your own or walking miles while shopping. Be prepared!

4.    S@#% Happens!

You just finished spending an hour looking beautiful in front of the mirror to find out it's raining. Don't you wish you had an umbrella? Bring one. You can always purchase one from a street vendor but that umbrella will last you a whole 5 minutes if you're lucky. The first high wind and you're left with the umbrella handle in your hand. Yes, mother nature has a sense of humour. You should also consider bringing a windbreaker with a cap.


5.    Stay Connected

I realize that most try to turn off all electronic devices while on vacation. While I agree that it's not time to take or make calls, having a smartphone or a tablet can be very handy for many reasons: taking pictures, researching restaurants and things to do, texting friends with your pictures at the Empire State Building. Besides, Wifi is free in every one of the 212 Starbucks around the city. 

6.    Share your thoughts


You just got back from your getaway and want to share your impressions? Your opinions matter and it helps us improve our tours. We really appreciate the time you take to answer a few questions of our survey. 


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Bon voyage!