Whether you're with your family or with friends for a special occasion, Tourika suggests two themed restaurants that promise to deliver.

1. Dr. Jekyll et Mr Hyde : for the crazy scentist in you!

Jeckyll and Hyde is a hanted bar restaurant where the fans bizarre and excentric are served. This fantastic and theatrical filled with unique characters will keep you and your family on your toes.

Located at 91 7th Avenue South between 4th Street and Barrow, this establishment offer group prices for children birthdays and other special occasions. For more information, visit www.jekyllpub.com

2. Ninja New York : japanese like you've never seen it before !

Enter the mysterious world of ninjas. This castle is decorated in an atmosphere of these great warriors dressed in black. The ninjas will get your attention on arrival and watch out for the attacks while you're eating. It's a fun place and something different.

The restaurant offers fine Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices. It is located at 25 Hudson Street. Visit www.ninjanewyork.com for more information.