It's always fun to assist to a live taping of a New York city show. You can meet celebrities and maybe even see yourself on the big screen. It is recommended to write to studios to get tickets as opposed to waiting in long lines. Having said that, there are many shows that have last minute options if you're willing to wait in line. Here are the addresses, times and other important information regarding 2 popular New York shows.

1. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

All contestants hope to win a million dollars when called to play this popular game. You can find information on how to attend or how to be a contestant on the show.

2. Saturday Night Live (NBC Studios)

Saturday Night Live is a comedy show aired live at 11:30pm. Celebrities are invited to perform funny sketches with the cast.

For information on how to get tickets, you must email in August only. The tickets are selected by lottery once a year. When requesting tickets, include your contact information. Here is a tip: don't ask for a specific date and only email them once. The winners will receive two tickets and they will be contacted by the staff of SNL if selected.