Here are a few tips to save up to 50% when purchasing your broadway show tickets at TKTS in Times Square!

- All tickets are sold at TKTS are at a reduced price. Every day, each show sold at this discount ticket office have savings up anywhere from 20% to 50% on the retail price.

- When waiting in line, we suggest you try to pick 3 shows you would like to see. This way, if the show you really wanted to see is sold out, you will have other options.

- The TKTS agent will help you find the best available seats.

- If you prefer non musical shows, the PLAY EXPRESS line close to ticket office 12 is shorter. Ask a TKTS representative where this line is located.

- TKTS accepts credit cards, cash and traveler's cheques.

- Look at the tickets as soon as you receive them to insure there are no errors.

- Beware when purchasing tickets from strangers. There are many scams out there and this sale is illegal.

- We suggest you arrive at the theatre 15 to 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.

- The TKTS clerks are easily identifiable with their t-shirts or vests with the phrase "Got Questions?" on their back.

What will be your next Broadshow show?